About me


My name is Frank and I love gambling and everything there is about this world. I started betting in 2010 just to have fun and soon afterwards it turned into one of my favorite activities. I am an accountant and I never felt like I didn’t have enough money. However, after betting on several sport games, I started to develop my own betting strategies and style, and they brought me bigger rewards. That is when I realized I had one new passion and it added quite a lot to my income. This is nothing but good news as I always thought that gambling meant losing a great deal of money. But I was wrong.

My favorite sports to bet on are football and tennis, but I do enjoy other ones (such as horse racing) as well. These passions for the sports books and gambling made me seek more information and I would also like to meet new people willing to share their insights with me and other gamblers. After more than five years of gambling I wish to help newcomers develop their style and know more about this market. I hope you find this site useful to you. If there is any more information you would like to know, don’t hesitate to write to me and I will get back with a response as soon as possible.